techhandsthumbThe Happy Gender Project provides counseling for gender non-conforming young people and their families.  Although we do often meet with parents and children together, often parents need a separate space to explore a range of feelings and concerns they may have about having a GNCT child. The goal of therapy is typically around working with parents towards accepting their child as they are and coping with raising a GNCT child is a world that is not always welcoming.  Individual therapy for GNCT children may necessary in the case that the young person is struggling with issues that often come with being part of a stigmatized population, such as depression, anxiety, peer exclusion and harassment and fears about the future.

See What We Do for a description of circumstances where we might be able to help you.

We have offices in Manhattan and Maplewood, New Jersey, but we can also arrange therapy via Skype in the case that there are no knowledgeable providers in your area.


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