cropped-happy-gender-graphic1.jpgAll parents wants their child’s school to be a place of physical and emotional safety.  Increasingly parents of gender non-conforming and transgender (GNCT) young people are finding that they need to advocate for their child at their child’s school to help create a welcoming and affirmative learning environment.  We can help you strategize as how to best approach your particular school and how to best advocate on your child’s behalf.  We can:

  1. Accompany parents to meetings with school’s principals, administrators and/or teachers to serve as a family advocate and liaison.
  2. Help schools determine what they need to do to create a safe climate and to deal with the issue of diverse gender identities in an age appropriate way.
  3. Assist young people in coming out in their classrooms/schools if they so desire.
  4. Help schools shape policy to support the needs of GNCT young people.
  5. We work with schools and parents in navigating potential backlash from parents and community measures who oppose such affirmative measures.

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